Youth Group at Grace Community Pres is usually led by Pastor Branden. It consists of round-table prayer: each student shares a genuine prayer request which is prayed for by another student in the Youth Group as we bring our cares and supplications before God as well as develop deep, gospel-centered relationships with one another. 

Following prayer, Pastor Branden leads the group through an interactive study of a chapter of God's Word--we usually go through entire books of the Bible consecutively as we aim to teach and preach the whole counsel of God,both Old and New Testaments (Acts 20:27). In studying the Bible in this way, students not only come to know who Jesus is from the whole Bible (Luke 24:27), but they also learn through practice how they can read their bibles on their own. 

After prayer and study, students usually hang out and play games until time for pick-up. 

Youth Group meets during the Midweek hour September 1-December 1 and meets at Pastor Branden's home during the Summer and Winter while Midweek is off.